Qi Gong Introduction Class

SATURDAYS 10 – 11 a.m.

Cost is $15.00 per class or 8 classes for $89
Pre-Registration is Required
$60 for 6 classes

February 15th (Acupressure Class)
March 1st
March 22nd
April 5th
April 19th
May 3rd
May 17th
June 7th

Pre-registration is required. Minimum 6 students to run class.

This class is designed for Qi Gong practice. We will in this hour:

  • Define basic terminology for better understanding
  • Learn the 12 meridian pathways of the body and their significance
  • Practice simple daily routines to maintain longevity
There are many forms of therapeutic health exercise developed in ancient China, but Qigong is one of the more well-known and commonly practiced. The concept of “qi” in this case, is generally described as the dynamic energy that something has, and “gong” is derived from the word “gongfu,” which means time and energy.

Qi gong has been practiced for approximately 4000 years. Regular practice of Qigong exercises aids in regulating the functions of the central nervous system. The primary use of Qi gong is to improve one’s health, thus extending life.

The practice of Qi gong improves blood circulation, increases the supply of oxygen to tissues, and promotes healthier organs. High blood pressure and rapid heartbeat normalize with prolonged practice. Qigong serves the entire body and is a way of attaining both good physical and mental health.

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Cooking with Tofu Class Coming soon!

Cost: is $15 each Class. Pre-registration is required. Minimum 6 students to run class. Learn how to cook healthy, tasty meals for the whole family!

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