Qigong Classes to Start

Saturday – September 13, 2014!

10:00 to 11:00 am

Cost: $20.00 each class (drop-in)

$45 for 3 $78.00 package of 6

Pre-registration is required.



here are many forms of therapeutic health exercise developed in ancient China, but Qigong is one of the more well-known and commonly practiced. Regular practice of Qigong exercises aids in regulating the functions of the central nervous system. The primary use of Qigong is to improve one’s health, thus extending life.

The practice of Qigong improves blood circulation, increases the supply of oxygen to tissues, and promotes healthier organs. High blood pressure and rapid heartbeat normalize with prolonged practice. Qigong serves the entire body and is a way of attaining both good physical and mental health.

PLUS – its lots of fun!

Call in your registration TODAY! 262-691-8888

Dates and Times

September 13,  10 am – Karen

October 4, 10 am – Karen

October 11, 10 am – Phebe( with exercise ball)

October 25, 10 am – Phebe (with exercise ball)

November 8, 10 am – Phebe (with exercise ball)

November 22, 11:30 am***  (Due to Holiday Open house) – Karen

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Cooking with Tofu Class Coming soon!

Cost: is $15 each Class. Pre-registration is required. Minimum 6 students to run class. Learn how to cook healthy, tasty meals for the whole family!

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