Indulge in our speciality, guaranteed to leave your mind, body, and spirit relaxed and rejuvenated.

Bali Lulur Body Treatment
180 min. $250 – $265
A unisex indulgence which rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy an herbal scrub exfoliation, followed by a relaxing stress-busting mask treatment in the warm steam tent. An invigorating Vichy shower and full Abhyanga massage concludes this treatment.

Unwartan Exfoliation
120 min $150 – $160
Cleanse and tone your skin with a full-body exfoliation followed by a rejuvenating Vichy shower and relaxing Abhyanga massage.

Bali Borea Ritual
120 min $180 – $195
A relaxing anti-cellulite exfoliating treatment promotes circulation, helps reduce fat, cleanses and refreshes. A full Abhyanga massage is included. For stubborn cellulite areas a program regimen is recommended.

Oriental Herbal Linen Wrap
45 min $88
After a dry skin exfoliation brushing, the body is wrapped in warmed, healing herbal linens that draw out toxins. A hydration lotion treatment finishes the treatment.

60 min $75 – $85
Oriental technique used to release blocked Chi (energy) by scrubbing skin with essential oil.

60 min $75 – $85
Oriental technique uses special heated glass cups to vacuum out blocked Chi (energy).

Rain Drop
90 min $170/$190

*These treatments will temporarily mark the skin.