Women’s Health Care

Post Natal Asian Body Treatments.
105 min $180 (Discount given to series treatments)

Special fresh herb wrap on the abdomen to induce uterus shrinkage and fat reduction. Wonderful full body post natal massage & body work with essential herbal oil are use to promote detoxification, blood circulation and nourish skin tissues. This treatment is much needed to bring balance, resort vital female energies and contour the body. Series of treatment is recommended within the 60 days after birth.
Post Natal Nutrition & Asian Diet Consultation.
60 min $100

Teaches new mom effective Asian diet to contour the body, speeds fat reduction, increases energies & vitality using ancient Chinese Diet secrets.

Pre-Pregnancy Therapy
1st Consultation & Therapy
90 min $98

Ancient Chinese treatment with oriental medicine, acupuncture, food therapy and relaxation therapies for couples seeking help with infertility. Everyone’s body is unique in its own way but at OWC we have the modalities to fine-tweak the body to its balance to bring about conception.


Menstruation Issues

  • Infertility
  • Weight Gain/Loss
  • Female Nutrition
  • Hair Loss
  • Pregnancy Massages