Anti-Cellulite and Detoxification

60-90 min $75-$150
Utilize the powers of potent essential oils which encourage the breakdown of stubborn adipose tissue. A 10 session series is recommended for effective results. Initial Consultation prior to service is necessary. First 30 minutes is complementary, thereafter $30 per 30 minute consult.
Detoxification Program

60-120 min $85-$150
Salt/Herb Body Polishing

45-90 min $50-$250
Exfoliate dead skin cells, tones and refines the skin.

60 min $80-$95

Oriental Full Body AHA Peel
60 min $250

Region Specific AHA Peel
30-60 min $40-$250

20-40 min $150-$250
Two Step Sunless Tan

75 min $85-$150
(Includes Salt Glow) A mineral salt glow exfoliates dead skin cells which help to make the sunless tanning product last longer.
Moor Mud Therapy

60 min $110-$125
The revitalizing nutrients and detoxifying compounds found in Moor mud assist the body by encouraging cell regeneration, acting as an anti-inflammatory, balancing hormones, reducing water retention, and helping to stimulate circulation.
Aromatherapy Linen Wrap

60 min $118
Essential Oils are combined with herbology exfoliation. Warm herbal linens draw out toxins. A hydrating lotion treatment and scalp massage help to bring the body into balance.

Milk & Honey Linen Wrap

60 min $120-$135
(Body Smoothing) Nourish the skin cell with protein Milk and Honey to smooth and tone the pores. Recommended for dehydrated, dry skin after an exfoliation treatment.
Chinese Herbal Linen Wrap
60 min $78
After a dry skin exfoliation brushing, warm herbal linens are wrapped around the body to draw out toxins. A hydrating lotion finishes the treatment.

Raindrop Therapy

90 min $170/$190
Uses a series of essential oils and gentle massage along the spine. Includes a scalp, arm, hand and foot massage while relaxing on a heated, moistened back pack for further absorption of the essential oils. A deep relaxing therapy to restore balance for good health.
Aromatherapy Algae Wrap
60 min $120-$135
(Detoxifies, soothing) European Algae used to draw toxins from the pores during the wrap. Great for tired, sluggish skin.

Oxygen Steam Bath

20 min $68
10 sessions $585
Detoxify and distress while purifying your lymphatic system to fight off flu symptoms and reduce fatigue.
Sound Therapy

Tired? Having problems sleeping at night? Our Specialized Sound Therapy Bed helps rebalance your body to feel rested and restore regular sleep patterns.

45 min $75
10 Sessions $700
Aroma Therapy Steam Room

Complimentary with any 2 services booked
30 min $18
De-stress with the assistance of aromatherapy in conjunction with steam, which decongests the lungs.
Ear Candling
40 min $49
Non-invasive cleaning of the ear canal using a hollow cone shaped, natural wax candle gently placed on the outer opening of the ear canal. As the candle is lit on the end opposite the ear canal, a vacuum is created that gently draws out debris from the ear. Effective for swimmers and those suffering with sinus problems.